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After Care

Hello. I will show you how to take care of your new tattoo. In a few steps, it will show you how to handle it.


Wrap up the tattoo before going to bed for the first four days as we can't allow the skin to dry out during this period, but when you wake up it is recommended to remove the foil, wash the tattoo and follow the rest of the instructions.

From the fifth day onwards, we no longer use foil.



1. Two hours after the procedure, remove the foil and wash the tattoo. It is advisable to use paper towels to dry the skin, but remember to lightly touch the tattoo and not rub it as you can damage the skin.

2. Apply a small layer of Bepanthen cream and lightly rub on the top layer of your skin.

3. Apply the cream every two hours, or more often when you notice that your skin is dry. 


Important note: Never let your tattoo get dry. This can lead to the skin opening and damage, which can result in infection. It's not a rule, but it can happen in your case, so it's better to prevent such occurrences.

4. Do not touch the tattoo with dirty hands. It is recommended to purchase water-based towels to wipe the tattoo before applying a new layer.

Important note: remember that the ointment mixes with your blood and your organic fluid. Removing the old bepanthen ointment from the skin will prevent the accumulation of bacretia at the tattoo site and help maintain the hygiene of the tattoo site




1. During this period, your skin heals only in the upper parts, but don't forget that you can still damage your tattoo. I recommend lubricating five to six times a day plus once before bed.

Important note: It does not recommend physical activity, swimming pools, any martial arts or alcohol consumption. This can lead to mechanical damage to your tattoo. We both know you don't want it, so calm down for a while. A tattoo is for life. A light rest will definitely come in handy :) If you have any doubts, please contact us or call us on

087 262 6829
Please be awared that if your tattoo is damaged because you did not follow the recommendations, there will be a fee for the correction.


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