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Studio Rules


1.    The client is obliged to familiarize themselves with the content of the rules, which are public and posted on the studio’s website.

2.    Only adults, or minors: 16 years old in the presence of a legal guardian 17 years old with written parental consent can undergo a tattoo procedure in the studio.

3.    The studio does not perform procedures on people under the influence of alcohol, drugs, psychoactive substances, and intoxicants.

4.    The studio has the right to refuse to perform a tattoo without giving a reason.

5.    We reserve the rights to the photos, designs, and tattoos made in the studio.

6.    The process of making a tattoo is an irreversible procedure. Before starting the procedure, we ask for thoughtful decisions and caution.


1.    Preliminary session reservations can be made through the studio’s official Facebook page, Instagram, by phone, email, or in person at the studio.

2.    The reservation is confirmed by paying a deposit of an amount agreed with the studio.

3.    The deposit can be paid into the account or in person at the studio.

4.    The deposit is deducted from the final price of the tattoo.

5.    Paying the deposit is equivalent to accepting these rules.

6.    The studio expects the deposit to be paid within 3 working days from the date of booking the session. After this time, the preliminary reservation is cancelled.

7.    Preliminary reservations not confirmed on time with a deposit payment are not binding.


8.    Due to many years of experience in the industry, customers resign from sessions for no reason, where our company was repeatedly exposed to losses. Because of this, we made a radical decision with the lack of returnability of the deposit, please respect our decision because the deposit does not cover the full costs of the service performed, because it does not exceed 20% of the value of the estimated tattoo. From experience, we know that the customer resigns at the least expected moment, even from 5 4 days, one day or 7 days, and in such a case finding another customer in such a short time is impossible because people also work and have their obligations and are not able to be available for a given date. Our studio is a studio with a very large range of customers and people have long deadlines. They can therefore plan their free time in advance in this case, and resignation in such a short time is associated with the loss of the deposit. Thank you for understanding, New Spider Ink.


1.    The client has the right to change the date of the planned session, no later than 7 working days before the booked date.

2.    Not showing up for the scheduled session and not informing the studio about it 7 working days in advance is equivalent to losing the paid deposit. Scheduling another date requires a new deposit, in the amount agreed with the studio.


1.    The design for the session is prepared on the day of the tattoo based on the client’s detailed description and provided references, which are needed to create the tattoo design.

2.    The studio does not send previously prepared designs in order to prevent appropriation.

3.    The design is created based on information obtained from the client and is presented to them during the session, unless individual arrangements with the artist are different. The client has the right to make corrections to the design after it has been presented.


1.    The studio does not have a price list for services.

2.    Tattoo prices are contractual, and each design is individually priced.

3.    We estimate prices based on size, design, color scheme, style, and detail of a given tattoo. For large tattoos, the price is divided into full-day sessions, and their final cost depends on the number of sessions needed to complete the design.

4.    We make estimates based on information obtained from the client and always provide them in ranges from - to. During the visit to the studio, the size of the tattoo may change both to a larger and smaller one, as we do not charge them per centimeter but adjust the best size to a given place


1.   There is a total ban on smoking tobacco and consuming alcoholic beverages and other intoxicating substances in the salon.

2.    There is an absolute ban on touching any objects used for tattooing and auxiliary materials in the salon. Non-compliance with the recommendations may result in permanent health loss.

3.    People undergoing tattooing must strictly adhere to the general sanitary rules applicable in the treatment room and the instructions of tattoo artists and salon staff.

4.    During the procedure, at the client’s request, a numbing cream may be applied. In this case, the tattoo studio does not take responsibility for the healing process and the overall final effect after healing. As all numbing agents have different effects of which the client should be aware and the risk of potential complications is described in the instructions of the given product. In this case, the client has been given the content of the manufacturer’s instructions if the client agrees to the application, they knowingly take responsibility. In the case of applying a numbing ointment, the client must sign consent on the form they receive to sign before the procedure

5.    Before the procedure, the client is obliged to sign consent to perform the tattoo and to inform the tattoo artist about their health condition, familiarize themselves with the warning about post-procedure complications, which are the result of non-compliance with care rules or unawareness of existing diseases or allergies and sign a statement accepting this risk. In the case of concealing or providing false information about the health condition, the studio is not responsible for any complications.

6.    When coming to get a tattoo, please bring a maximum of 1 accompanying person with you


1.   After the procedure, each client receives detailed information about tattoo care and the skin healing process, orally.

2.    The studio is not responsible for the client’s non-compliance with care rules after the procedure.

3.    In case of doubts about the way the tattoo is healing or care procedures, the client is obliged to contact the studio.

4.    After the tattoo has healed, any corrections resulting from the need to refine it are performed free of charge within a period not exceeding 3 months from the session during which it was performed. After this time, the correction is payable.

5.    The studio offers professional cosmetics for tattoo healing in its offer.


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